The Best Way To Treat Your Pain – Start And Finish With An Experienced Physical Therapist.

Physical therapists Evanston IL Jan12th 2021

Aime Maranan PT, is a licensed physical therapist, movement recovery expert, the founder and the owner of Skillz Physical Therapy. She helps people recover from pain, injuries, and movement difficulties with exercises and drug-free techniques to feel better and do the things they enjoy most.

Being an expert, she can modify your pain and movement difficulties before it advances to something worse. Do not take your recovery time for granted. Do the first important step – schedule an evaluation. This can be performed either in-clinic or virtually through our secure online video chat. With a careful assessment of your condition, Aime can recommend the best-personalized treatment option for you.

With over 11 years of experience, she worked in several physical therapy fields that sharpened her skills and techniques. She had clients in industrial settings, home health, nursing home, concierge, and outpatient clinics. Aime is certified in several drug-free pain relief techniques, including dry needling, kinetic taping, therapeutic cupping, mulligan techniques, IASTM, and functional movement techniques. Her clinical experience combined with techniques and dedication brought a total of over 31,680+ clients better, including thought leaders, politicians, celebrities, and world-class athletes.

Who is this for?

Our evaluations are not just for active people, athletes, and weekend warriors. Aime helps clients of all ages and different activity levels get back to doing the things they enjoy most. No matter what type of injury you may have, or had several previous physical therapy, or chiropractor, try starting and finishing treatments with an experienced physical therapist for a better outcome.

To check our Physical Therapist’s availability, call us at (857) 859-6240 or message us here.