Patient Testimonials

  • She Worked on My Back and Made the Pain Go Away!

    I suffered from low-back pain for the past few years. It wasn’t until I met Aime who is a physical therapist, that I was able to get some relief. She worked on my back… took the pressure off & helped the pain go away. I know if ever have that problem again, I can just go back to Aime & she can work her magic on me again. So definitely recommend seeing Aime over at Skillz Physical Therapy.

    - Tami B.
  • She Knows How to Get You Back on Your Feet!

    If you’re looking for a great physical therapist then Aime is your girl! She’s patient, caring and knows just how to get you better and back on your feet. Visit Skillz Physical Therapy for a therapeutic healing!

    - Gloria M.
  • Physical therapists Evanston IL

    Aime is amazing and well informed. I’ve been to physical therapy several different times for various rehab. However, I am so fortunate to have found Skillz PT! I feel I better understand the issues around my back pain and what to expect in recovery. Aime is very attentive and responsive to my progress and occasional set backs. I’d be happy to recommend her business to anyone looking for PT!

    - Nan Carlson
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    I came to Skillz Physical Therapy after my doctor recommended them for my back pain. The service has been so good and after just 6 treatments my back pain is totally gone, I feel great!

    - Clinton Watley