Benefits of Pre-Surgery Physical therapy (Prehabilitation) – Why You Should Get Physiotherapy Services Before Your Surgery.

Physical therapy before surgery is something many people overlook. They mistakenly think physical therapy is only necessary after surgery. This belief, however, is wrong. 

People who want the best surgical outcome are beginning to understand the benefits of pre-surgery physical therapy. It’s crucial to get a professional physical therapist to help them prepare for surgery.

Pre-Habilitation, as it’s commonly called, offers you numerous benefits if you’re preparing for surgery. Let’s highlight why you should get pre-surgery physical therapy services in the Evanston and Northbrook, IL, region.

Why Get Pre-Surgery Physical therapy Services in Evanston and Northbrook, IL?

According to Medical News Today;

  • Pre-surgery physical therapy helps optimize the outcome of your surgical procedure. With an excellent physical therapy service, your body will be healthy enough to undergo surgery and come out of the surgery more successful.
  • You’ll regain your strength faster because you’ve already built your strength and endurance before surgery.
  • Physical therapy helps shorten the number of days you spend in the hospital because your body will be healthy enough to bounce back faster than when you didn’t get pre-surgery physical therapy.
  • When you leverage quality pre-operation physical therapy services, you’ll be mentally prepared to face your surgery and come out of it prepared. No matter the type of surgery, physical therapy equips you with all the mental power you need to face it.
  • Physical therapy before surgery also helps you avoid high-risk side effects from surgery like infection, ulcers, and the like.

No matter the surgery you’re about to undergo, Prehabilitation gives you all the physical and mental fitness you need to come out from surgery happier and healthier.


Pre-Surgery Physical therapy (Prehabilitation) Services in the Evanston, Northbrook, IL Region

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