The Center for Disease Control (CDC) advises wearing a mask or a cloth covering the mouth and nose while in public to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Skillz Physical Therapy will be complying with this and other recommendations provided by the CDC for our clients’ & staff safety and well-being.

Our Responsibility to Keeping Patients and Employees Safe

The safety of our clients and our staff is our highest priority. To ensure the safety of our clients & staff, Skillz Physical Therapy therapist has completed the “Coronavirus (COVID-19) for Nursing Professionals” training and will continue to stay up-to-date with the latest training. Along with updated training, face mask and gloves will be provided for both our clients and staff. Continuous hand hygiene will be completed. Clients & staff will have access to hand sanitizers, as well as soap and water. Our equipment will be disinfected with the proper CDC approved disinfects every hour, and all used equipment & surfaces will be disinfected before being used by other clients. To practice appropriate distancing during therapy, we asked that only essential family members or caregivers be allowed in our waiting area. Finally, screening measures will be implemented. Before each treatment session, our therapist will perform a temperature check to monitor any high fevers. The appropriate CDC guideline questionnaire will also be performed. If you have a high fever or show signs of exposure, our staff will work with you to reschedule once you are cleared. Please call before your therapy session if you have any questions or concerns, and one of our team members will address those concerns before your arrival. Should you feel more comfortable, our therapist is equipped to provide Telehealth, also known as a virtual visit,  at the safety of your home. If this suits you well, please schedule an appointment with us via a text or call at 847-877-0804.

Learn More About COVID-19

To learn more about COVID-19 visit the CDC website at: