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Dec25th 2020

COVID-19 Vaccine Trials’ Bell’s Palsy: Why You Shouldn’t Worry

This month, NORC at the University of Chicago surveyed people about getting the COVID-19 vaccine. 26% do not plan to vaccinate, and 27% are unsure – 77% of them are concerned about the vaccine’s side effects. One of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine trial side effects is Bell’s palsy or facial palsy, a nerve condition.

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Physical Therapy with Aime Maranan Nov25th 2020

How I Improved My Physical Therapy Technique In One Easy Lesson

My Physical Therapist Story – “Feel the fear and do it anyway!” – Susan Jeffers 2016 presented me with one of the most challenging decisions ever. At the age of 28, I faced my fears—with tears in my eyes, I left my loved ones and a private physical therapy business I had for over 5yrs

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Get to the Root of Your Back Pain. Could it be a Herniated Disc? Nov20th 2020

Get to the Root of Your Back Pain. Could it be a Herniated Disc?

Back pain is one of the most common complaints among Americans today. Whether you experience the occasional ache in your back, or you deal with reoccurring chronic back pain, it can make completing everyday tasks extremely difficult. But have you ever stopped to wonder whether your back pain was a sign of a more serious

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