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Chronic pain Feb20th 2021

Chronic Pain Controlling Your Life? It’s Time For a Solution

Did You Know PT Can Help Even the Most Persistent Pain? Did you know that approximately 80 percent of Americans have experienced (or will experience) back pain? That’s a depressing statistic, especially if you’re already one of those sufferers. Chronic back pain can prevent you from performing the countless daily tasks you need or want

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Physical Therapy Feb10th 2021

5 Ways To Know You Need Physical Therapy

Physical therapy isn’t just for rehabilitation or athletes in training. There are many reasons why a person might need the assistance of a physical therapist, including injuries, illnesses, and chronic pain conditions. We put together a list of five basic indicators that you need to visit a physical therapist. If any of these apply to

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Dec25th 2020

COVID-19 Vaccine Trials’ Bell’s Palsy: Why You Shouldn’t Worry

This month, NORC at the University of Chicago surveyed people about getting the COVID-19 vaccine. 26% do not plan to vaccinate, and 27% are unsure – 77% of them are concerned about the vaccine’s side effects. One of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine trial side effects is Bell’s palsy or facial palsy, a nerve condition.

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