Our Approach


Field-Tested One on One and ‘Multifaceted Whole-Body Approach’.

Our approach provides various, efficient skills for navigating the recovery process. The skills are a combination of multiple strategies, and the uniqueness of the human body, which transform, develop, and uncover the individual system. By identifying the right ‘Skillz’ in a recovery process, you can effectively achieve your highest rehabilitation potential.

Our natural yet effective skills take healing and improvement to the next level, giving you the edge in any recovery.

The Skillz Physical Therapy Difference


We’ve found that the best approach to treating our patients is to:

provide One-On-One Care

Based on our 11+ years of combined clinical experience with over 31,680+ clients, we know that one-on-one approach from a licensed physical therapist promotes greater engagement in the  chronic pain and surgery recovery process, and results in faster healing. With each visit, you will get the full attention and care that you deserve with a licensed physical therapist — no assistants or double-booking with other clients.

tailor Quality treatments

Throughout your entire session, one of our skilled physical therapists will be present to conduct a comprehensive evaluation, and develop a corresponding  ‘multifaceted whole-body approach’ treatment plan that tackles your pain and surgery recovery at its root.  What’s more, our techniques are used by prominent athletes and celebrities. Like them, you deserve the best available care. 

Value your Time

While other physical therapists typically spend 10-15 minutes with clients during standard therapy session, we value your time. To maximize the healing period, we use the full 60 minutes (or more) to provide you with one-on-one multifaceted care that guarantees the best possible outcome.

perform a 'multifaceted whole-body approach'

Our technique focuses on restoration via combination of assessment and treatment of adhesions/restrictions and whole-body imbalance through a combination of traditional medicine and modern approach. We have wide variety of treatments to use, especially when you feel that your recovery is slow or not yet where it supposed to be.

Physical Therapist

Aime has 11+ years of "Multifaceted Whole-Body Approach" Physical Therapy experience, with more than 31,680+ clients who were able to go back to their jobs and participate to the activities they love to do.

She has worked with more than 31,680+ clients over the past 11 years. In addition to being a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and the Illinois Physical Therapy Association, Aime has certifications in rehabilitation and manual techniques for pre-surgery, post surgery and chronic pain.

Aime’s clients come to her to help them through pain, injuries and surgery recovery to the head, neck, shoulders, wrist, upper and lower back, hip, pelvis, knee, ankle, and foot. Specializing in natural manual techniques, Aime’s ‘Multifaceted Whole-Body Approach’  is infused with traditional asian techniques such as cupping, dry needling, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, and Kinesio® Taping. Guided by her treatment philosophy that each patient has unique needs, Aime draws on diverse methods to develop custom treatment plans and not a “one-size-fits-all” strategy. In this way, she fosters a full and optimal recovery — getting her clients back to the activities they love doing, free of pain and discomfort.

Certifications and Post-Grad Training

  • Advanced Frozen Shoulder Technique Specialist Certification
  • Advanced Training in Functional Assessment, Muscle Testing and Corrective Care Programing and Exercise Certification
  • Advanced Vigor Tape Assessment, Treatment and Corrective Care Program Certification
  • Functional Dry Needling Certification
  • Functional Myofascial Practitioner and IASTM Certification
  • Move Kinetic Taping CertificationCourse numberIntermediate and Advance
  • Mulligan Concept: Lower Quarter Spinal and Peripheral Manual Therapy Techniques
  • Mulligan Concept: Upper Quadrant Spinal and Peripheral Manual Therapy Techniques
  • Rapha Health Cupping Therapy Certification
  • Total Motion Release Technique

Clinical Experience

Aime has 11+ years of professional experience in balance training, orthopedic, musculoskeletal injuries, and pre- and post-surgery physical therapy in home health, outpatient, industrial, and nursing home settings. Her depth and breadth of techniques focus on pain management, recovery, enhanced skills and performance.

As the founder of Skillz Physical Therapy, Aime has helped to build a loyal and dedicated client base. Her professionalism and respect of her client’s time is the reason she offer cost-effective and high-quality practices that are backed by clinical experience and the latest evidence for the best possible outcomes.

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