Heroes Wear Scrubs!

In literature and comic books, the term “hero” is often used to describe fictitious, larger-than-life characters. Throughout our lifetimes, soldiers, firefighters, and law enforcement officers have shown us that superheroes don’t just exist on the pages of books. More recently, with the rise of the CODVID-19 pandemic, it is undeniable that the true heroes are the nurses, doctors, and medical professionals who have saved countless lives while putting their own at risk. Against the broader backdrop of an impending economic crisis, the world is able to see the heroes that we used to take for granted. The medical professionals who have put on their capes (scrubs) to fight this virus are held in the highest regard globally. We would also like to thank the delivery drivers, postal workers, janitors, receptionists, chefs, law enforcers, firefighters, grocery works, and all essential workers for their services. Thank you!

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